Sunday, October 26, 2008

to say i peeled fifty cloves of garlic last weekend would be an understatement. i spent the day canning, or as they say in the county, putting up food, at my old professor's farm in acme. we washed, chopped, blanched, and boiled our way into vast amounts of tomato sauce, pickled jalapenos, and vegetable broth. she showed me her vegetable-dyed silk and her dream pillows, and her little daughter showed me her little dreadlocked doll. she even walked me through her fields and pointed out all of the possible places for my yurt when the time comes.

this is to say, my professor and i are becoming friends. we're transitioning from student and teacher into just two individuals who see insanity and redemption in many of the same things. i've been feeling like salinger felt when he said, i'm sick of just liking people. i wish to god that i could meet somebody that i could respect. i forgot how good feels good to respect somebody, like reallllly respect somebody. it feels like restoration. like opening a long-lost letter from the universe that says: you don't have to walk your walk alone.

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