Sunday, January 11, 2009


for all of the plane rides i’ve taken, and books i’ve read, and rockets of desire i’ve ridden lately—it turns out that happiness was waiting for me in a little coffee shop in phinney in the form of cayenne hot chocolate and a good friend. and right now my mom did a little dance around the kitchen to please, mr. postman. and today the skagit valley rained frosty purple raindrops that rolled down the windshield like tiny waving wrists. for all of the fear news anchors pour nightly into our living rooms about economic instability, and to all of the folks lapping it up like cats, i suggest turning of the television and treating yourself to a 3 dollar hot chocolate at the neptune.

i brought more clothes home from bellingham today. i took pictures of my apartment and will put them on craigslist tomorrow morning. moving back to bellingham was something that needed to be done. and even though i hooked up with a republican and took a job as a cog in the kicking-people-out-of-their-homes machine (ahem, I mean foreclosure process), i’m so grateful that i had the chance to put the bellingham baby to bed. plus, i reconnected with matt and tim, saw some beautiful sunsets, and watched obama win the election in the same city in which i've thought all of my best thoughts. mmmmm.

i had a crazy good time with caitlin this weekend. we're going to be roomies! we’re looking at the greenwood/phinney/ballard neighborhoods and i think i’d like living in any of them. capitol Hill, i will not fall into your hipster trap again! but seattle, maybe, just maybe, you will give birth to some of my best thoughts yet.

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